I really couldn’t imagine that the teaching level would come up to that of so many past camps.  I was so very wrong! (Oh ye of little faith!) I heard many veterans (including Elise) say that this was the best BSFCamp yet, and one of the best ever of any of the many camps across the country (this from both Elise and William Coulter.) 

Rick Chelew


The swallows patiently put together their mud nests and swoop under the dusty ceiling of the barn - The sound of a horse occasionally stomping its foot or the faint sound of its tail slapping the flies and gnats off its back - The mouse that climbs through the hay nibbling on the leftover chicken grains and corn - Sunlight that seeps through the old wooden walls and through the creaky door.  It all seemed familiar even though it was my first time there. While I was distracted by all the barns welcoming features, Naima  brought our violins and we began to play an old fiddle tune in perfect harmony.  I felt like I was home and I had only been at the camp for about half an hour."    

Tess Baccelli


The mix of teachers was so sweet, so rich, and so complimentary. Working with William, Edwin, Roy (an absolute musical monster and one of the best teachers I’ve ever worked with), Georgie, Dom, Kristin, Elise, Sami, Leo, Riley, Nicholas and all the rest, was such a joy for me. I found myself simultaneously acting as a teacher, an assistant to whomever I was working with, and a dedicated student all at once. 

Rick Chelew


These three weeks, over three years,  have enriched my life in more ways that I can say.

Thank you!



Ten-thousand thanks for letting all of this creativity happen in your home and making this amazing experience possible for all of us.  Your generosity is well appreciated!



You have completely enabled my favorite week of the year, three years in a row!  Thank you so much for opening up your home to the hordes of noisy musicians yet again.  Let’s keep up with the lessons this year, shall we?


Emily Mann


I have known you since I was a little girl and I have always seen you as an extremely kind, generous and hard working person. You always make me feel so at home when I’m at your house. 

Thank you so much,



It was a joy to come to such a warm home and see a woman love and care for kids and adults, animals and the land.

Thank you,

Debbie & Matthew


Thanks a million for everything you have done and continue to do for us!  It’s this kind of thing that is shaping the next generation and you’re doing an awesome job!



Thank you so much for everything!



Thanks for letting me be with the goats.




Thank you so much for letting camp happen again and making it fun for everybody.  I had such a good time this year.  Thank you so much for letting us use the barn for classes, concerts, and lots of other things.  This was my favorite year.  This year at camp I really took part in the classes and played in both concerts.  Playing in the concert was scary but it was really fun!  I definitely want to do it again.